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National Oilheat Research Alliance
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NORA stands for the National Oilheat Research Alliance. This organization was established through the cooperative efforts of Oilheat trade organizations and supporting interests throughout the USA. The effort became reality in February 2001 following Congressional approval, Presidential signoff, and the Oilheat industry's overwhelming approval by vote to create and fund the Alliance.

The Alliance is funded by a contribution of two-tenths of a cent for every gallon of No. 2 fuel and heating oil that is destined for end use heating consumption in the marketplaces where NORA is in effect. (That encompasses over twenty states and the District of Columbia.) If you work for an Oilheat distributor in a state where NORA is in place, your employer is participating.

We make note of that fact, because a portion of NORA's annual budget is devoted to education and training within the industry. The National Oilheat Certification Program and related educational materials produced by the NORA Education Center are important components to the entire NORA program.

Above all else, NORA represents the unifying of Oilheat interests across the land to improve Oilheat performance, your technical capabilities, and public awareness of the value of Oilheat as a consumable resource.

The oilheating industry is a small fragmented industry, and NORA provided the opportunity and ability to work cooperatively for a better and stronger industry. NORA has developed world class education programs, new efficient appliances, and a strong consumer education campaign highlighting the benefits of oilheat and the need to improve efficiency.

NORA has three arms of operation:
1. Research & Development
2. Consumer Education
3. Education & Training

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