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Oil Heat Technician's Manual (Silver Certification Manual)
Our Price: $58.00

This book describes recommended and well established practices for installing and maintaining oil burners, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, heating oil tanks and piping. This manual is useful for NORA Silver Certification and introductory Oilheat burner and service training. In full-color with concise text and numerous "how-to" and "step-by-step" instructions with diagrams and photos, this 356 page new edition of the “Silver Book”, is a complete upgrade from the prior manual.
Silver Book DVD
Our Price: $16.00

This auto-run DVD contains each of the Silver Book chapters bundled with associated educational materials, i.e diagrams, videos and links to appropriate sites. This DVD contains all the chapters located in the Silver book and is a useful tool for NORA Silver Certification and introductory Oilheat burner and service training. Along with these chapters the accompanying service videos are included. Conveniently located on one disc, this resource is a must have for both beginner and seasoned technicians.
Introduction to Oilheat Technology
Our Price: $27.00

The National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers (NAOHSM) recently introduced a new textbook entitled, "Introduction to Oilheat Technology”.  In addition to technical chapters such as, combustion theory and a background of clean and modern oilheat, the book focuses on safety, tools and customers relations.  Geared towards high school students, this is an excellent supplement to any HVAC program taught at the college level.
Heating Oil Storage Tanks Guide for Quality Installation and Maintenance
Our Price: $47.00

This 263 page comprehensive manual addresses many of the concerns and issues surrounding the installation, maintenance and replacement of fuel oil tanks. This manual discusses: tank failures, codes and regulations, installation procedure, oil lines and valves, filtration, inspection and maintenance, abandonment and the manual conveniently includes service guides. Following manufactures’ installation and maintenance instructions and NFPA regulations, this book is a must have reference guide.
Fuel Quality Manual
Our Price: $17.00

This manual focuses on No. 2 heating oil; its performance, properties, sampling and testing. The purpose of this manual is to provide the marketer, service manager and technician with the proper guidelines for inspecting the product, maintaining good fuel quality, and the best practices for proper storage. Up-to-date information is also provided on commercially available fuel additives, their appropriate use and limitations.
Gold Book
Our Price: $34.00

This comprehensive manual contains technical instruction written in an easily understandable style. The book describes innovations in the industry, such as low sulfur fuel and high static, flame retention burners that help achieve high efficiency and clean combustion. The manual also covers efficiency measures and the science of combustion and heating; charts and equations are provided with instructions on how to make accurate evaluations and calculate proper settings. Details such as locating the burner/boiler, the height of the chimney, size of the burner nozzle, and age of the equipment, are all addressed, with advisory notes to technicians where appropriate. This 166 page manual covers the information required for study in order to successfully obtain NORA’s Gold Certification.