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Welcome to the online NORA STORE!                                                  

NORA has developed a vast number of educational programs to promote service excellence
in the Oilheat industry.  Included in the training are special classes for Technicians, Drivers,
Customer Service Personnel, and Management. NORA also educates Insurance Agents &
Underwriters, Home Inspectors, and Real Estate Professionals! This website allows you to
purchase educational material all at cost. Due to NORA' s structure, we are not allowed to profit
from our activities. So our prices reflect the production cost- the paper, disc, or tapes.  NORA
takes care of all researching, producing, and writing expense. 


Ensuring that employees are highly trained, provides customers wit maximum value through  economical quality service. A well trained workforce will also ensure that the Oilheat Industry contributes to America's future by providing safe, home comfort; whether it is home heating or air conditioning. This training ensures that the most energy efficient installations occur and the homeowner is guaranteed a warm home on the coldest day!


In addition to the traditional technical training, NORA has developed several courses for other individuals in an Oilheating company. This includes courses for Senior Management, Drivers, Financial Personnel, and Customer Service Representatives.



Silver Book DVD NORA Certified Technician Patches
Our Price: $16.00
Our Price: $11.00
This auto-run DVD contains each of the Silver Book chapters bundled with associated educational materials, i.e diagrams, videos and links to appropriate sites. This DVD contains all the chapters located in the Silver book and is a useful tool for NORA Silver Certification and introductory Oilheat burner and service training. Along with these chapters the accompanying service videos are included. Conveniently located on one disc, this resource is a must have for both beginner and seasoned technicians. Sold in quantities of three, the NORA Certified Technician patch shows your customers, co-workers and employer that you are the best of the best. NORA Certified Technician patches show that you are a professional technician with a proven and assessed track record. This patch signifies that you are a skilled & experienced silver certified technician who has successfully attended a series of assessed course programs.

*Must be a current Silver certified technician, technician id required for purchase, no more than quantity of 2 (10patches) per technician
Introduction to Oilheat Technology
Our Price: $27.00
The National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers (NAOHSM) recently introduced a new textbook entitled, "Introduction to Oilheat Technology”.  In addition to technical chapters such as, combustion theory and a background of clean and modern oilheat, the book focuses on safety, tools and customers relations.  Geared towards high school students, this is an excellent supplement to any HVAC program taught at the college level.